Norman by birth, born in Rouen in 1949.

Retired in 2007, after a fulfilling career, I wanted to take classes in Art History and I ended up devoting myself to painting in all its forms.

Unfortunately in the Rouen area, these classes do not seem to be provided. Having painted and assembled small figurines made out of lead or resin, I had the idea at the end of 2006 to take up my brushes and other accessories to fix the colors on a wooden stand.

I almost immediately painted in a realistic style, which is, without a doubt, a consequence of painting detailed figurines.Very interested in all forms of graphic art, I have a preference for the Renaissance painters, especially Italian and Dutch painters for their mastery of chiaroscuro, but I am also interested in the more modern painters for their take on reality and their use of trompe-l'oeil techniques.

Self -taught, I have been working since 2006, mostly on oil canvas and on the smoothest wooden frames possible.

I paint in a studio, always trying to base my work on a title or the idea of a title. Visitors are always welcome, as I consider visits as great ways of communicating with the public.

I am part of an association where I can have other artists take a critical look at my work; Daniel Ternon also gives me very effective, sharp and well-informed comments.

Please feel free to explore the galleries on this website and to comment on my works