The figurines are set miniatures (light alloy) or resin.

Initially, they are parts (kit), their sizes vary from 54 to 180 mm.

We must mount, the assemble in ébarder taking care of the remains of seals molding, a harshness of solid color and then paint them by referencing the documentation provided or those in books or on the net.

The paint I use is that used to paint the canvas (fine art quality extra-fine).

Finally, make the scenery so they s'intégèrent most naturally.

You will find figurines in ancient Japan and other historical periods

The figurines are set miniatures (tin alloy) or resin.

Firstly, I have to assemble the figurines, polishing them in order to sand off the flashes of the mould; I then have to use a first coat of paint; the last coat of paintis based on all the information

I gather in books or on the Internet.I use the same paint as the one I use on canvas: fine art extra-fine quality paint. Lastly, they are displayed in a diorama, specially designed for them.You will find figurines from ancient Japan and other eras.

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